About Shefchik Builders

Brian Shefchik graduated from UW-Stout in 1981 with an Industrial Technology degree and Building Construction Concentrations. He worked with a contractor in the Menomonie, WI, area for 13 years, gaining experience in both residential and commercial construction. He worked his way up the ladder, from the field to project superintendent to general manager. Sudden changes prompted Brian to head in a new direction, and the doors of Shefchik Builders Inc. opened in October of 1994. Shefchik Builders has capitalized on Brian's quality construction and commercial experience by focusing on banks, churches, restaurants, office buildings, gas stations, convenience stores, car dealerships and clinics. Brian's commitment to exceptional contractor and construction services means the customers of Shefchik Builders always receive an outstanding product.

Shefchik Construction - Hillside Plaza - Village Shops Lake HallieProjects
A typical Shefchik Builders project is approximately 7,000 to 10,000 sq ft, but we have completed projects as large as 90,000 sq ft. Shefchik takes on anywhere from 15-20 new major construction  projects a year, with the typical project lasting about four to seven months in duration from design to completion.

Our residential projects are anything but average. Several projects in the Menomonie area include homes ranging from 7,500 to 13,000 sq ft. We have even accepted a building addition and restoration project for a 120 year old home.

Construction Quality
Attention to detail. A commitment to service. An eye for quality.

The commitment to construction quality starts with our President, and is stressed throughout our organization. We have skilled trades-people who provide premium concrete, carpentry and other on-site construction work. Our employees pride themselves on building excellent relationships with all construction team members to maintain top-notch field operation and superior subcontractor performance.

Trust, Reputation & Communication
Satisfaction comes from being attentive to the needs of each customer. We think it is crucial to keep communication lines open throughout the entire construction process. As an advisor and leader providing contractor services on the project, we also work with all the team members on a project to bring you one source of current and accurate information.

Shefchik Builders is the team to call if you need quality, new construction and contractor services!