Design Build Construction - The Efficient and Economical Approach

Design build is the process by which a single company is responsible for the entire project delivery from planning through turnover. As design build contractors,  we partner with some of the area's best design firms. We choose the design team best suited for the project, and work with the Owner and team to get the project done. Shefchik Builders can be your single source provider for your building project. Through the Design-Build delivery method, we can get your project designed, permitted, priced, scheduled and built.

Shefchik's Role in Design Build Construction
Shefchik Builders is responsible for quality control, cost control, and timely delivery of the project. We qualify and hire the design team, then manage the entire design and construction process. This process includes budgeting, schematic design, final design, contract documents, scheduling, subcontractors, construction, and commissioning. By managing the project team (owner, designer, contractor) we allow the client to focus on timely decision making, rather than having to invest time and money coordinating and negotiating the different design and construction contracts.

The design build approach uses win-win solutions, including those having the best balance of cost, function, efficiency, maintainability, and delivery for a particular project. Success comes by bringing the right team together to negotiate a win-win plan as well as addressing goals and needs of all team members to ultimately satisfy the owner.

Economical Practices

Under the design build system, all of the design and construction personnel are all on the same team working together, with the client's best interest in mind. Together this team - unique to each project - can offer continuous evaluations of the project. The project team is able to communicate and coordinate better, without having to go through multiple layers; these efforts prove to be valuable in the constructability and budget control of any project.

Efficient Processes

During design build, the designers and builders are able to combine their efforts which eliminates unnecessary time delays, ultimately shortening the construction project timeline. The design and construction process can happen simultaneously, shortening bidding periods and eliminating plan redesigns. The time savings quickly turn to cost savings, which results in an accelerated delivery and occupancy of the project.