Build to Lease Properties

Finding the perfect building or space for lease can be difficult and often requires the construction of a new facility or the retrofit of an existing one. Shefchik Builders is highly qualified and experienced in orchestrating the entire build to lease or retrofit process from land or building acquisition to move-in.

Hillside Plaza - Build to Lease PropertyHow the Program Works
The build to lease program combines the quality of Shefchik Builders, the construction experts and the management capabilities of V.V.M. Investments, LLC. This combination of strengths all under one roof is truly unique in the commercial real estate industry. Shefchik Builders will develop the property and V.V.M. Investments, LLC will own and lease the property to the tenant. This allows the tenant to use capital and credit lines for their business operations rather than capital improvements.

This allows for the Shefchik Builders customer to construct a turnkey build to lease project with little or no capital investment. All land acquisition; construction financing and the ultimate financial ownership of the property are covered under the Shefchik Builders Build-To-Lease Program.

Program Advantages
The build to lease program allows the tenant to focus on their business while Shefchik Builders works through the zoning, permitting, utility infrastructure, and development of the new tenant space. A build to lease facility allows our clients the opportunity to occupy a custom designed facility providing a building that exactly meets their operational requirements. We offer flexible lease terms with guarantees on due diligence, development and occupancy date.

 Lease Space Available

          Tech Plaza - Menomonie, WI